We provide a full range of support to our customers.


Leading independent lotus & Caterham specialist. We understand and share our clients passion for the Lotus and Caterham brands
Because we service all vehicles to such high standards and will stamp your maintenance record accordingly, your manufacturer warranty will not be affected.
We will carry out any mileage servicing to set standards such as A. B & C packages or to specific Client requirements.

We can also take care of your annual MOT test requirements, this gives you the piece of mind that your car will not be jacked in the wrong place etc.

We have vast experience of working on non-standard and modified cars including competition cars.


QMECH can offer the full range of performance upgrades for your Lotus, Caterham or VX220. We have good practical experience in this area and can advise what upgrades will best suit your needs, we are great believers in not spending money unnecessarily. If you don't need it, we won't recommend it.

We will be offering more engine conversion options such as the Honda K20A and Toyota powered cars in the very near future so stay tuned.


Here at QMECH we have a huge interest in motorsport and have experience of building, prepping and running cars in a number of series including Caterham Academy and Elise Trophy. We also offer track-side assistance.

Geometry Setup

We also have the facility to carryout suspension geometry setup and corner weighting for your road, race or track day car.
We believe the key to preparing a fast circuit car is to prepare that car to give the driver absolute confidence to push it to its limit of its performance potential. To do this the car must behave in a predictable manner, with each wheel working in unison with the others and travelling through a deliberately defined path.
Camber is the relationship of the tire and wheel to vertical. If the top of the tire leans into the centreline of the car then that is called negative camber. If the top leans away from the centreline then that is called positive camber.
Caster is an important component of the front-end setup. Caster is the relationship of the upper and lower pick-up points to vertical but in the opposite direction of camber.
Toe is fairly simple. It is the relationship to parallel of the front tires. Most road cars will be slightly toed in (along with caster) to help them go straight when you let go of the steering wheel. Race cars are slightly toed out to help the car turn into and through the corner.
Ackerman works in concert with the caster and toe to determine how much more or less the left tire and wheel turns into a corner in relationship to the right tire and wheel when steering is applied.
It all sounds simple doesn't it? Just keep in mind that we have only covered the more basic elements that relate to front-end geometry. There are many other factors that can and will influence the geometric setup.